Use Professional Removalists When Moving House

Apart from saving time when moving house or your office, you should really leave the task to professionals.  Just consider after you add up hiring transport, your time, risk to furniture damage and potential physically injuries which are common when moving heavy items, the cost of professionals can be cheaper. 

Ensure you compare rates that are competitive but don’t go with cheap, as we all know, you get what you pay for.  A professional removalist will work in a proficient manner to maximize on the time allocated.  Professional removalists will have insurance to cover any broken items or damage, so be sure to check their insurance status.

Packing tips for moving

• Use the right size boxes as it makes it much easier and safer to load the truck. 

• Place heavier things such as books in smaller boxes together with the lighter things such as linen and pillows in bigger boxes.  This helps use all available packing space, balances the box weight, and make it much easier to move around.

• Do not leave space in the boxes, use linen or sheets to fill voids.

• It helps to pack each room in boxes that belong to that room and mark the room on the box, such as “Bedroom 1”.  This makes it so much easier when unloading and unpacking.

• Make sure you tape your boxes well.  Tape to close the bottom and top seams and then make some tape wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges to strengthen and secure the box.

• When moving pictures framed behind glass, its best to tape an X with masking tape across the glass to strengthen it and to hold it together. It is then best to wrap the pictures in bubble wrap and put them in a suitable box.  For additional protections, place a cardboard between each framed piece for protection.

• When packing your crockery (plate, bowls etc.), place a packing paper around each one, then wrap together with more paper. Always pack plates and dishes on their sides, never flat, then use extra paper to further pad out the box.


An important rule is not to keep moving old stuff that has been following you for years.  Set an area aside and pile up everything that you are not taking with you, be hard on yourself and ask the question “do I really need this …” If you did ask that question, you do not need it.

Now that your household items are on their way to your new home, call in the junk removers to clear the house and yard, you will feel liberated.

​Removalists Applecross is a locally owned removal company that provides the highest quality of house and office removal and relocation services to the Perth and North and South of the River and surrounding areas. With years of experience, you can be assured to receive the highest quality of care and support throughout your house move.

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